Drive Australian traffic to your web site!

For only 5 cents per click, you can drive 100% Australian internet users to your web site.
  • Place a text ad in the WebClicks section of RewardsCentral, the largest Australian online rewards program;

  • Members of RewardsCentral are incentivised to click on your ad... so you benefit through increased exposure and awareness in the Australian online marketplace;

  • AdClicks is not designed to be a premium search engine sponsored listing product. It's a simple and very inexpensive way to drive online users to your web site. You can get a huge traffic boost in just a short period of time.

  • Most importantly, all RewardsCentral members are double opt-in qualified Australian consumers.
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For full terms and conditions please contact the AdClicks team.
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Two different options available to suit your requirements

Choose from:

Category Targeted Ad: Your ad will be displayed after the member selects a category from a list. This is suitable for web sites in niche markets that benefit from targeted clicks.


Traffic Booster: Your ad will be displayed in a featured listing. This will drive a huge amount of untargeted traffic to your web site in a short space of time. This option is suitable for web sites that want to get their name and brand out into the minds of consumers quickly and cost effectively.

What is AdClicks?

AdClicks is a program designed to deliver traffic to web sites with low cost-per-click, minimum upfront cost and maximum control.

How does AdClicks differ from search engine marketing such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing?

Search engines are able to deliver highly targeted traffic. But that comes at a much higher cost, sometimes up to $1 for a single click. So it's not fair to compare AdClicks to search engine marketing. AdClicks can deliver up to 20 clicks for that same $1, but the traffic will be less targeted.

AdClicks is more suited to web sites that need constant exposure to online consumers, for example, newly launched web sites, social networking sites, and content-based websites.

Where does the traffic come from?

Your text-based ad is displayed on one of Australia's most popular community and rewards websites, RewardsCentral has been in operation for more than 8 years. In that time, RewardsCentral has spent over $10 million acquiring over 500,000 Australian members from all media sources, including TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, major internet major, search marketing, etc... RewardsCentral members truly are Australian consumers.

You remain in control

You have full control over your monthly budget. This means AdClicks is suitable for any business or company, regardless of your advertising spend. Once your monthly budget is exhausted, your ads are paused. You then have the option of leaving them paused until the next month or increasing your budget.

Motivated customers

RewardsCentral members are motivated consumers. They have demonstrated online spending and have proven responsive to online advertising and promotions.

How it works

You sign up to AdClicks

Signing up is quick and easy. You can signup and start writing your first ad very quickly.

You only pay when someone clicks

There is no risk! If your ad doesn't work - if no-one clicks - then you don't pay a cent!

Fast deployment

Unlike traditional advertising which take weeks to deploy, with AdClicks you can normally deploy and start advertising within hours.

What about sales and conversion tracking?

AdClicks is a budget traffic generation product. As such you will only have access to very basic reporting, showing only impressions, clicks and click-through rate. If you need sophisticated post-click conversion tracking, we recommend you use a third party tracking system to monitor response and sales. There are many paid and free tracking products available, including DoubleClick, Hypertracker, and Google Analytics.

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